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“Everything about the vehicle seems to have been designed for absolute peace of mind” – Pete Lowery, Managing Director, K&H Bakewell Ltd.

Every driver, operator, manager etc, will always have their go-to HGV models. But what helps them get to that truck? There are a number of factors, such as technical innovation, comfort, cost and more.

“Everything about the vehicle seems to have been designed for absolute peace of mind – from the fuel savings to the cab’s design. The drivers’ well-being is clearly considered, and our drivers love it.” – Pete Lowery, MD of K&H Bakewell Ltd.

first renault truck for K&H Bakewell

first renault truck for K&H Bakewell

Tough on all Terrains

“The Renault is an incredibly underrated vehicle,” said Guy Nicholls of BMD Plant and Transport Ltd. “They really withstand the rough terrains we have to put them through, especially the quarries. Other vehicles in our fleet don’t match it.”

This was the response from Guy when asked how he was getting on with his new Renault Trucks T ranges.

As a key player in the delivery of bulk aggregates, a reliable, robust, and tough vehicle is a must.

Renault Trucks has been in the business for a long time – since 1894 to be precise. Over the years, they have built an impressive range of trucks – and an impressive reputation to go with it!

Turbo Compound:

“A real pull factor is the potential savings on fuel,” said Dave Palmer.

Dave is the managing director of D&D Transport, based in Nottinghamshire. They are a leading haulier who transports goods up and down the country, meaning they clock up a lot of miles – and a lot of fuel. In March 2023, they took delivery of Ten Renault Trucks T480 Turbo Compound Trucks.

Thanks to the patented wave piston technology, the flames in the engine are redirected inside the combustion bowl. By doing this, the oxygen in the bowl is combusted more efficiently.

The DE13 TC option can allow significant fuel savings too – a huge bonus for hauliers who cover hundreds of miles a day – and the manoeuvrability or speed isn’t affected either! Extra torque is generated due to an additional turbine in the engine converting residual energy contained in exhaust gasses into mechanical energy which is transmitted into the crankshaft to form the torque energy.

D7D Turbo Compound

Turbo Compound T High for D&D Transport



















The turbo compound option also plays its part in global efforts to protect the environment – a huge topic at the moment. Renault Trucks accepts this responsibility and is committed to assisting in a gradual transition to sustainable transport – Turbo Compound is the perfect stepping stone.

“Considering our impact on the environment is another important consideration of the business,” Dave commented. “Historically, this industry has been quite harmful with the emissions emitted from trucks. By implementing this new technology, we can become more environmentally conscious,”

The Drive

Renault Trucks T Range for Eurobale.

“Sometimes our drivers have to reach far away destinations by as early as 2 am – so their days can be very long”

Richard Brookes, Managing Director of Eurobale.

“Having everything they need in their trucks really goes a long way!”

Something as little as a cup of tea can really boost someone’s well-being – especially when it’s 2am, and you have been driving for miles!

Well-being is an incredibly important factor for drivers and operators everywhere. It’s so important that this factor is a primary component in the trucks’ design.

Driver retention is an issue that has dominated the headlines in recent years, so providing them with a comfortable working environment – like any other job – seems obvious. That’s why a Renault Truck has plenty of creature comforts – and they are well known for it.

Take it from Paul James at Enva, “By providing a truck whose cab incorporates features that enhance the overall welfare package and standard of available equipment, we aim to show our drivers they are valued and will be looked after.

With these features included in the cab, they can do just that!

“Some drivers are in their trucks from Monday to Friday, so the cab specification must feel like a home from home.

“The T Range delivers on this by offering standing space as well as creature comforts – including a fridge, microwave, and an inverter so a kettle or toaster can be plugged in. This means the driver can be self-sufficient away from the base”.

These devices in a truck may seem small, but they do go a long way when on the road for days and days. The cab also has plenty of storage, USB-C outlets, and memory foam mattress options available. The T High also has flat floors making it easier than ever to move about.

“Renault offered both the durability and stability that is expected from one of the leading commercial vehicle brands.”


“One of the best things in the Renault technology department is the anti-runaway device. It’s a brilliant idea!” – Guy Nicholls, BMD.

“We have to chock our trucks on some of our customers’ sites when a vehicle is left unattended.

“But with the Renault anti-runaway device, the risk of drivers not engaging the handbrake when leaving the vehicle is limited and more importantly, the risks to the driver and those working on the site are reduced too.”

three white Renault Trucks T Ranges outside RH Commercial Vehicles.

BMD’s T Ranges

This is just one unique quality about Renault Trucks that drivers love. Comfort and safety go hand in hand when searching for the best truck for the business.

The trucks also feature warning line crossing, emergency braking, hill start assistance, battery charge indicator, and automatic tyre pressure control so drivers get a feeling of power and security.

The Power

None of the power of the truck is lost with a more fuel and CO2 efficient engine.

Everything down to the bumper has been optimised to allow for a smooth but powerful drive.

The trapezoid cab, 12° inclined windshield and bumper with integrated spoiler all work together for increased aerodynamics – even the wheel arches improve air flow.

These options allow the truck to reach up to 520 horsepower.

“I have never had a Renault Truck in my fleet, but I was pleasantly surprised at the capabilities of the vehicle and how it can serve the company.” – Pete Lowery, K&H Bakewell Ltd.

Driving for longer with less fuel is the best outcome for any driver, but with the added features for comfort, efficiency and security make it a dependable and reliable truck that is loved by drivers and operators around the country.




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