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“One of the best developments to come out of Renault is the anti-rollaway device.”

– Three Renault T Ranges, a safe deal for BMD by RH Commercial Vehicles.

Three Renault Trucks T Ranges for BMD

Three Renault Trucks T Ranges for BMD

Operating from the East Midlands for over forty years, BMD Plant and transport Ltd are a key player in the delivery of bulk aggregates throughout the country. Out of a 32-vehicle-strong fleet, 27 are Renaults. Therefore, a Renault truck was a sure-fire option when looking to replace three vehicles in their fleet, especially a Renault truck from RH Commercial Vehicles.

On this occasion, BMD purchased three T Range tractor units for bulk tipper work. Guy Nicholls, operations manager, praised the vehicles for their performance on quarries and the road. He said,

“The Renault is an incredibly underrated vehicle. They really withstand the rough terrains we have to put them through, especially the quarries. Other vehicles in our fleet don’t match it.

“RHCV’s service has always been top quality too. We have a great relationship and the backup you get is second to none. You don’t get that anywhere else.”

RH Commercial Vehicles offer a great range of aftersales cover and assistance to customers and their vehicles making them a one-stop-shop. From extensive R&M packages to a modern paint booth facility, RHCV likes to offer the perfect wrap-around care. They understand that a truck is an investment and recognise the importance of keeping these trucks in the best condition. This also maintains a healthy relationship with customers.

For BMD, safety has always been a primary concern. The T Range includes the latest technology for driver assistance and the most efficient braking systems to ensure the safety of drivers, pedestrians, cyclists, and other road users. The technology includes natural LED lights for better visibility and reduced fatigue, automatic emergency braking, anti-intrusion locking, lane departure and the anti-rollaway device. The anti-rollaway device really stood out to BMD. Guy said,

“One of the best things in Renault technology department is the anti-rollway device. It’s a brilliant idea.”

“We have to chock our trucks on some customer sites when the vehicle is left unattended but with the Renault having the anti-rollaway device it eliminates the risk of drivers not engaging the handbrake when leaving the vehicle including when they are coupling or uncoupling. The Renault is exempt from this policy due to the anti-rollaway device. It saves a lot of time and more importantly reduces the risk to the driver and those working on the site.”

As well as the safety features, BMD purchased additional air horns, satnavs, and the comfort packages such as fridges and microwaves to ensure the drivers feel like they are in a second home.

Overall, BMD was extremely satisfied with the service from RHCV, from handshake to handover. By having the Nottingham, Leicester, and Northampton depots at their disposal, the already strong relationships between the two businesses will continue to grow.

“We’ve had a very good relationship with RHCV for years. There is always brilliant interaction.

“Simon Bailey, our sales executive, always understands the needs of the business and provides the best-suited vehicles.

“This business relationship works very well for us, and I expect it will grow even stronger in the future.”



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RH Commercial Vehicles is a leading commercial vehicle dealership for Renault Trucks, Isuzu Trucks and Brian James Trailers. With sites spanning across the East Midlands, they are a one-stop shop for vehicle sales, repair, maintenance, and parts. They also have a modern paint shop to give vehicles a unique identity.

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