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  1. 2020 Sales Results – Renault Trucks Holds Its Ground and Remains Committed to Its Customers

    In a year marked by an unprecedented health crisis, Renault Trucks’ priority was to preserve its customers’ activity. Over 90% of Renault Trucks sales and service outlets continued to welcome customers and their trucks during the height of the pandemic. In this unprecedented context and despite a downturn in volume, with a total of 41,117 vehicles invoiced in 2020, Renault Trucks has maintained its market share. A positive indicator is that Renault Trucks has recorded a 12% increase in orders compared to the previous year.

    Over 90% of the Renault Trucks sales network remained open at the height of the pandemic

    On 18 March 2020, to protect the safety of its employees, Renault Trucks decided to close its four French plants. Production gradually resumed from 23 April 2020. However, Renault Trucks’ number one priority in 2020 was to stand by its customers and help them continue with their work, which was vital during the crisis.

    During the March lockdown, the manufacturer managed to keep more than 90% of its sales and service network open around the world, thanks to the introduction of the most stringent health and safety rules.

    Invoicing falls, but orders are on the rise

    The pandemic and resulting economic crisis strongly impacted the HGV market in 2020. Renault Trucks’ 2020 invoicing volume followed the market trend, falling by 24% to 41,117 vehicles.

    Invoicing breaks down as follows:

    Breakdown of invoicing per destination

    Europe (excluding France): 19,019 vehicles invoiced

    France: 17,937 vehicles invoiced

    Rest of the world: 4,161 vehicles invoiced

    Breakdown of invoicing per tonnage

    Heavy and mid-range vehicles: 26,246 vehicles invoiced

    Light-duty vehicles: 14,871 vehicles invoiced

    A positive indicator is worth noting for 2020, in that Renault Trucks recorded a 12% increase in orders compared to 2019.

    Holding market share in Europe, undisputed leader in France

    In Europe, thanks to the setting up of organisations dedicated to the brand and the creation of flexible offers, specifically adapted to customers’ needs in times of crisis, Renault Trucks has held its ground in a turbulent market.

    On the European market for vehicles over 6 tonnes, the French manufacturer recorded a stable market share of 8.5% in 2020. Market share remained unchanged in the over 16-tonne segment at 8.8% and in the mid-range segment (6-16 tonnes), it rose by 0.3 points to 6.6%.

    In France, on its domestic market, Renault Trucks remains the undisputed leader with a >6t market share of 28.3%, up 0.6%.

    On a positive note, in the last quarter of 2020, Renault Trucks recorded a 40% increase in orders compared to the previous year (Q4 2020 vs Q4 2019).

    International sales up 16%

    Internationally, Renault Trucks recorded a 16% increase in its invoiced sales.

    2020 was marked in particular by strong recovery in Algeria, a historic market for Renault Trucks, with 1,100 trucks invoiced, up 80% on 2019. Thanks to its assembly plant in Meftah, the French manufacturer has consolidated its leading position in Algeria with a 47.8% share of the over-16 tonne market for European manufacturers.

    In the buoyant Turkish market, Renault Trucks achieved very strong growth in invoiced sales, rising from 640 vehicles in 2019 to 1,061 in 2020.

    Good performances in sub-Saharan Africa are worthy of note, where Renault Trucks offers a dedicated range of used vehicles (Renault Trucks T X-Port and T X-64, converted at the Used Trucks Factory). Renault Trucks also sells a special extra-safe edition of its K range on these markets, the Renault Trucks K Safety Edition.

    Record volumes for used trucks, up 9%

    Used Trucks is a strategic sector for Renault Trucks. The actions taken by the manufacturer with respect to the specification of new trucks (with a view to their future arrival on the used truck market), as well as initiatives introduced during the pandemic in terms of financing flexibility, ease of contract interruption, etc., enabled the manufacturer to perform well in 2020. Renault Trucks recorded a record volume of invoicing with 10,308 used vehicles invoiced, an increase of 9% on 2019.

    Renault Trucks has also significantly increased its performance in terms of used truck services, with service penetration up 4 points on 2019 to 28%. The number of used trucks sold with a Selection warranty contract also rose 25% in 2020.

    A unique position on the used trucks market

    Renault Trucks is adopting an entirely innovative approach to the used vehicle market. This strategy is unique on the market and is based on upcycling and recycling.

    The best illustration of this is its Used Trucks Factory, a specialised workshop for the transformation of used trucks integrated into the Bourg-en-Bresse manufacturing site. The conversions carried out there are the subject of specific R&D studies and, in terms of the industrial manufacturing process and quality control, meet the same high standards as those applied to the manufacture of new vehicles. 500 additional vehicles were manufactured at the Used Trucks Factory in 2020 and new models were launched this year, such as the Renault Trucks T X-64, a vehicle dedicated to the African and Middle Eastern markets.

    Renault Trucks is also pursuing the implementation of its own recycling and reuse of parts for heavy goods vehicles, with Indra Automobile Recycling. This project has been approved by the French ADEME environmental agency.

    A true pioneer in its approach to used vehicles, Renault Trucks is transforming the activity and purchasing habits, as well as accelerating its transition to a circular economy.

    Renault Trucks continues to invest heavily in electric mobility

    Renault Trucks has set ambitious targets for electric mobility in terms of sales volumes. The manufacturer has announced that by 2025, electric vehicles will represent 10% of its total vehicle sales and 35% by 2030. The ultimate goal is to provide 100% of its vehicles without fossil fuels by 2040.

    The manufacturer is making huge investments to achieve this goal. In March 2020, it started series production of its second generation of electric vehicles at the Blainville-sur-Orne plant and now boasts the widest electric range on the market. Renault Trucks D Z.E., D Wide Z.E. and Master Z.E. constitute a range that extends from 3.1 to 26 tonnes, meeting the urban requirements of delivery, distribution and waste collection.

    To help its customers accelerate their energy transition, Renault Trucks has set up a new sales organisation dedicated to electric mobility.

    At the same time, the manufacturer is continuing to invest in extending the electrification of its range of vehicles to all uses. From 2023, an electric range will be available for each segment, namely distribution, construction and long distance.

  2. Renault Trucks To Offer An Electric Range For Each Market Segment From 2023

    Renault Trucks is pursuing its investment in electric mobility. From 2023, an all-electric Renault Trucks offer will be available for each segment, namely distribution, construction and long distance.

    To support these developments and be able to offer a complete and competitive Renault Trucks range on the market, the company is setting up an organisation dedicated to electric mobility. Renault Trucks is thereby confirming its commitment to fossil-free transport.

    To help meet the Paris Agreement’s goal of limiting global warming to below 1.5 degrees Celsius compared to pre-industrial levels, Renault Trucks is committed to transforming the truck market by gradually electrifying its fleet to become carbon-neutral within 30 years.

    As trucks have a lifespan of at least ten years, all trucks manufactured by 2040 must run without fossil fuels. Battery-electric and fuel cell electric power will be crucial to achieve this major transformation towards carbon-free transport.

    A Z.E. tractor and construction version from 2023

    In March 2020, Renault Trucks began series production of its second generation of electric vehicles at the Blainville-sur-Orne plant.

    Renault Trucks now boasts a comprehensive all-electric range on the market, from 3.1 to 26 tonnes. Comprising the Renault Trucks D Z.E., D Wide Z.E. and the Renault Trucks Master Z.E., it meets the requirements of urban transport, delivery, distribution and waste collection.

    But Renault Trucks is seeking to extend vehicle electrification to all uses. Preparations are underway to market a Z.E. tractor to meet the needs of regional and inter-regional transport from 2023. An all-electric offer designed for urban construction will also be available to order by this date.

    During the second half of the decade, Renault Trucks will be able to offer a range of electric trucks powered by hydrogen fuel cells, mainly for demanding and heavy long-haul operations.

    An R&D organisation dedicated to electric mobility to support its ambitious goals.

    “Electric mobility is the pillar of our strategy and we aim to lead the field,” announced Bruno Blin, President of Renault Trucks. “We’re aiming for 35% of our sales to be electric in 2030. By 2040, all our vehicle ranges will be 100% fossil-free.”

    In order to achieve these goals, Renault Trucks is backed by dedicated units, both in Research and Development and in the sales and after-sales organisation.

    On the R&D side, Renault Trucks intends to meet the main technological challenges of this revolution through strategic partnerships, as well as relying on synergies within the Volvo Group, to which it belongs, to increase volumes and reduce costs.

    To ensure hauliers get the best solutions in electric mobility, Renault Trucks will benefit from the work carried out by the Volvo Group’s new development unit dedicated to medium-tonnage vehicles, a core segment for the phased introduction of electromobility for trucks. Renault Trucks will also capitalise on the partnerships developed by Volvo Energy, the Volvo Group’s new entity dedicated to the supply, second life and recycling of batteries, as well as to charging solutions. As for the development of battery packs specifically for heavy goods vehicle applications, it will benefit from the strategic alliance formed by the Volvo Group and Samsung SDI.

    To facilitate this sustainable transition, Renault Trucks will also have the support of its new R&D centre in Lyon – the X-Tech Arena – which will be built by the beginning of 2023 through an investment of EUR 33 million.

    Supporting the energy transition of customers through an electric range with high added value

    As regards the marketing of its Z.E. range and customer support, Renault Trucks has set up a new entity responsible for electric mobility projects, in order to boost both operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. This team has acquired a high level of expertise and is working to develop partnerships involving all the stakeholders (hauliers, distributors, public authorities, energy suppliers, etc.) to propose smart and competitive electric range with added value for hauliers.

    Finally, Renault Trucks has taken care to include services in the vehicle offer in order to simplify the lives of its customers who are looking for the solution best suited to their activity. In addition to the vehicle, the Renault Trucks brand offers a comprehensive transport solution, including batteries, solutions for installing charging facilities on its customers’ premises, energy optimisation, repair and maintenance, financing and insurance. As a result, Renault Trucks, which is committed to making life easier for its customers, is seeking to be the manufacturer that promises peace of mind. In this period of major change and uncertainty, this is undoubtedly what hauliers need most.

  3. RHCV Unveils New Look

    Paul Pearson and Nigel Baxter New Branding RH Commercial Vehicles

    As the business continues to grow apace, leading independent Renault trucks distributor RH Commercial Vehicles (RHCV) has invested in a new brand image which better reflects the company’s growth within the transport sector.   

    RHCV has unveiled a bold new logo and corporate identity which is currently being rolled out across: 

    • The operation’s five sites 
    • fleet of 200 truck rental vehicles  
    • Its corporate workwear 
    • Signage 

    The previous branding was a legacy from when RHCV was part of the freight and logistics group, RH Freight, when RHCV adopted the same logo as its parent but in red and black instead of RH Freight’s green.  

    RHCV has changed dramatically over the past decade, from when it was part of The RH Group of companies, from one site in Nottingham, to now five sites across the East Midlands and a team of 140.  Originally founded in 1977, RHCV has in the last three years expanded into Northamptonshire, broadened its offer with Isuzu, opened a brand new £3.5m facility in Nottingham and invested £70,000 in its Leicester site as well as recently announcing its new site in Tuxford, just outside Newark. 

    Nigel Baxter, Managing Director at RHCV comments:  

    “We are a completely different business today from that which was a subsidiary to RH Freight, and it is time for a fresh new look which better reflects our business and our continuing and ambitious growth plans.   

    “The new logo is an evolution not a revolution, and remains sympathetic to our heritage. We have retained the original red but with a look which is now streamlined and more contemporary, it is also vitally important that the new branding also complemented both our partners, Renault Trucks and Isuzu logos.”   

    The new brand has been many months in development and its heart is a brand new, fully interactive website, which will be unveiled next month.  

    Nigel added “The new look signals an important step in our progression as a business, including the new website.  In an increasingly digital world, it is vital that we maximise online activity, making customer bookings easier as well as the ability to search for new and used vehicles online, these are just two of the new functions that our new website will offer.  

    “It’s hugely important that we continue to invest in and develop our business whilst retaining our core values of quality, service and commitment to delivering for our customers.”  

    Formed in 1977, RHCV has been a Renault Trucks dealer since 1986. Earlier in the year RHCV announced the opening of a new fifth site, strategically located in North NottinghamshireFor more information on RHCV, contact us on the following numbers: Nottingham 0115 986 5990 Alfreton 01773 521 211 Leicester 0116 260 4816 Northampton 01604 833 770 , or email 

  4. Renault Trucks Announces New D Wide Z.E. Low Entry Cab


    Renault Trucks is introducing a new low entry cab for urban applications, including waste and distribution.

    Building on 2020’s exciting developments in electric drivelines, the D Wide Z.E. Low Entry Cab (LEC) brings further advancements offering improved ergonomics, visibility and safety whilst driving up productivity and operational efficiency for multiple operations in city areas with strict emissions standards.    

    Carlos Rodrigues, Managing Director, Renault Trucks UK & Ireland, says: “Renault Trucks’ electric models enable operators to service the needs of our cities with a range of zero tailpipe emissions vehicles. The introduction of a low entry cab model opens up those vehicle types where ease of access and sensitivity to vulnerable road users are particular priorities, including domestic refuse collection and urban delivery services.

    “The D Wide Z.E. LEC’s easier access and excellent direct vision will allow customers to operate more cleanly, more safely and more productively, whilst meeting the highest environmental ambitions.”

    Accommodating the driver and up to three operatives, the cab design enables greater movement within the vehicle, and easier and safer access and egress from a vehicle entry height 200mm lower than a standard Renault Trucks D cab.  An additional ‘kneel’ function can drop the front of the vehicle a further 70mm. This combination offers easier access reducing strain and fatigue for crews on urban cycles that require them to climb in and out of the cab up to 100 times a day.

    Developed in close co-operation with bodybuilder Estepe, the Renault Trucks D Wide Z.E. LEC is offered as a 6×2 rigid tag with steered rear axle. As well as refuse collection, Renault Trucks expects strong interest from light construction, building supplies and distribution operators keen to offer the best possible service to their urban customers.

    The Renault Trucks D Wide Z.E. LEC is available to order now, with production having commenced in February 2021.

  5. RHCV Announces North Notts Expansion

    Leading independent Renault Trucks distributor RH Commercial Vehicles (RHCV) continues its expansion plans.  RHCV is announcing the opening of a new fifth site, strategically located in North Nottinghamshire.

    Award-winning Renault Trucks dealer RHCV (founded in 1977) has four existing sites across the East Midlands. Over the past three years RHCV has expanded into Northamptonshire, with a new site, broadened its offer with Isuzu, opened a brand new £3.5m facility in Nottingham and invested £70,000 in its Leicester site.

    The new 20,000 ft site is located on the A1 (at Tuxford) near Newark and will be operational in late April.  It is an existing facility, constructed to a very high standard and includes an 8,000 sq ft workshop with three high bays. RHCV is investing in additional customer and staff amenities at the site.  Once completed the new workshop will be fully equipped with the latest parts management systems including a ‘vertical storage R-Mag carousel’ like those at its Nottingham site.

    Nigel Baxter, Managing Director at RHCV comments: “Despite the continuing challenges on our health, our health services and the economy we’re delighted to share this good news.

    “The opening of this new site will allow us to better service our existing customer base in the Newark area, as well as enabling us to extend our support north towards Ollerton, Retford and Worksop.  These are parts of North Nottinghamshire where we have been unhappy with our coverage in the past, this new facility will allow us to give a first-class service to existing Renault Trucks operators, and of course open up opportunities for new business in this area.”

    “We have been looking for an appropriate site in this area for the past few years. Now that we have a suitable location, we now have fantastic network coverage, strategically located along the M1 corridor, with Cossington also covering the A46 trunk road close to Leicester, and now this new site covering the A1, and of course also the A46.”

    Eight new roles will be created initially, with many more over time.  RHCV is already recruiting for all its existing locations to fill newly created vacancies.  Chris Turner, who currently manages RHCV’s warranty and contracts processes, will be promoted to Dealer Point Manager to manage the new Newark dealership.

    Nigel added “As I have stated on a number of occasions, we see a very bright future for the UK economy despite the impact of the third lockdown, but with the roll out of the vaccine programme we feel very positive about British manufacturing, construction and wider business investment. Alongside the continued evolvement of the Renault Trucks brand and product range we are certain that we will continue to grow our market share.”

    Carlos Rodrigues, Managing Director, Renault Trucks UK & Ireland, says: “As a high performing dealer, RHCV’s trademark professionalism and exceptional customer focus will ensure the success of its fifth site, driving brand awareness, growth and accessibility to further strengthen Renault Trucks’ network coverage across North Nottinghamshire.”

    RHCV has been selling, leasing, servicing and repairing heavy (HGV) and light commercial (LCV) vehicles across the East Midlands for four decades and employs 140 staff.

  6. Renault Trucks Announces 2020 Record Year for LCV Sales in UK & Ireland

    Renault Trucks UK & Ireland has announced a record year for sales of its LCV range in 2020, with orders 86% ahead of 2019. This result positions the UK & Ireland as the second best performing market in Europe for Renault Trucks Master behind France.  

    Commenting on Renault Trucks’ performance, Grahame Neagus, Head of LCV UK & Ireland, says: “We are proud to say that, in what has been a challenging and unpredictable year, we have seen an unprecedented growth in our LCV performance, a tribute both to our strategy of targeted growth and to the hard work and professionalism of the Renault Trucks dealer network. Our performance has been strong across van, chassis cab and platform cab variants, and across all areas including our flourishing municipal business in both diesel and fully electric Z.E. powertrains.”

    Tailored solutions is key to Renault Trucks’ LCV success, with 92% of all Renault Trucks Masters in the UK and Ireland now supplied with some form of conversion. Grahame Neagus explains: “This year has cemented our tailored value proposition, working in partnership to create a bespoke solution tailored to the customer’s application. Our heavy truck experience and technical expertise adds value that is seeing sales gather momentum.” 

    The versatile Master Red EDITION range offers a wide range of body variants, wheelbases, heights and drivelines, always delivering excellent payload and productivity.  Sales of the fully electric Master Z.E. range more than doubled year on year, highlighting the growing importance of cleaner, quieter vehicles in highly sensitive urban environments and last mile delivery applications.  The addition of the 3.5 tonne Master Z.E. in platform and chassis cab base models will open up electric vehicles to more utility applications, further strengthening Renault Trucks’ appeal to a wider customer base.

  7. Renault Trucks UK & Ireland Commits to Net-Zero Status by 2030

    Renault Trucks UK & Ireland has announced plans to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas (GHG) status by 2030, unveiling details of its Sustainability Initiative today. The commitment is driven by a nationwide transformation programme across the market company’s operations and dealer network in the UK and Ireland.  

    Carlos Rodrigues, Managing Director, Renault Trucks UK & Ireland, says: “We recognise the global challenges of climate change and as a business we have a responsibility to act. The commitment of our Warwick headquarters and our dealer network to achieve net-zero by 2030 underlines the importance we place on playing our part in creating a more sustainable future.

    “I am very grateful and honoured that all our private distributors agreed to start this journey with the manufacturer. Together, the extended Renault Trucks family will significantly reduce our carbon footprint in many areas of our direct control and value chain across the UK and Ireland.”

    Carlos Rodrigues continues: “As a manufacturer, our fully electric Z.E. range provides zero tail-pipe emission solutions to customers now, but we are also conscious that we have our own challenges at home and we take this seriously, for our own credibility and integrity. In line with our parent company Volvo Group’s sustainability framework, we include sustainability in every decision we make here in the UK & Ireland.

    “Our sustainability initiative in the UK and Ireland is forward-thinking; delivering this change will take bold thinking, innovation and collaboration with our private dealer network. While some of these changes are happening already, with the COVID-19 pandemic hastening the shift to home working and reduced travel, some changes will require longer term transition and investment. We are determined to decarbonise our operations and make a difference. We will be sharing the steps we are taking along this journey to reduce our carbon footprint gradually, starting in 2021.”

    Working with sustainability and environmental consultancy, Avieco, Renault Trucks UK & Ireland set out to understand, manage and improve its environmental and social impacts to create a strategy with ambitious, credible and achievable targets.  The Sustainability Initiative mainly focuses on the GHG Protocol’s Scope 1 and Scope 2 categories, which include all direct and owned indirect emissions from the activities of the organisation.

    A breakdown of 2019 emissions data shows that across all Renault Trucks UK & Ireland operations, 44% emissions were from travel, 52% energy and 4% other (waste, paper and water).  As well as encouraging energy saving behaviours, implementing a zero waste strategy and other environmental innovations, over the coming decade the Renault Trucks network has also outlined its ambition to switch to 100% fossil free energy.

    The GHG Protocol’s Scope 3 category covers indirect emissions that are linked to, but not owned by, the company. Renault Trucks UK & Ireland has identified those areas which are directly under its control and will act upon those where it can, whilst other will be managed as part of the wider Volvo Group’s approach.  For example, in France, home to Renault Trucks’ vehicle manufacturing operations, all sites have been supplied with 100% renewable electricity since January 2019, reducing CO2 emissions. Additionally, all Renault Trucks vehicles are assembled in factories that have been ISO 14001 certified since 2001. Renault Trucks also asks its suppliers and partners to be ISO 14001 certified or to engage in a continuous improvement process.

    Renault Trucks UK & Ireland’s announcement follows the UK Government’s ‘Ten Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution’ which accelerates the ban on new petrol and diesel passenger car and van sales after 2030 and take forward the nation’s legal requirement to deliver net-zero by 2050, 20 years after Renault Trucks UK’s target.

  8. Electric Mobility: a Renault Trucks D Wide Z.E. is Fitted with Solar Panels

    Strongly committed to sustainable transport, Rhyner Logistik has just acquired a fully electric Renault Trucks D Wide Z.E. to supply Denner supermarkets. As part of this approach, the Swiss haulier has also fitted solar panels onto the body of the truck to provide power to the refrigeration unit.

    A fully-electric Renault Trucks 26 tonne D Wide Z.E. has joined the one hundred-strong fleet belonging to Swiss haulier Rhyner Logistik. It now supplies the Denner supermarkets in Zurich and its suburbs, while respecting the environment and quality of life of local residents.

    Complementing the zero tailpipe emissions of the Range D Wide Z.E. chassis, Rhyner Logistik has also fitted solar panels onto the vehicle body to provide additional green energy for the refrigeration unit. This system is particularly suited to temperature-controlled transport, because it is when outside temperatures are high – and the sun is therefore strong – that the cooling is most needed.

    As it is convinced that electric mobility is the most effective way to achieve carbon neutrality, Rhyner Logistik has also acquired a rapid charging station. To optimise autonomy, the truck is charged at the depot during loading operations.

    Because the truck is driven in an urban environment that requires frequent braking, energy recovery also leads to savings of 20 to 30%, which translate into additional kilometres. It is a global approach that achieves an optimal result.

  9. Renault Trucks Celebrates 30 Years of the Iconic Magnum

    Renault Trucks is celebrating 30 years of the iconic Magnum, the truck which revolutionised driver comfort with its integral cab and fully flat floor. To mark this milestone, Renault Trucks UK & Ireland has meticulously refurbished a vintage Magnum that echoes the spirit of its forebear, the AE 500 which launched in 1990 with Mack V8 engine.

    Following restoration work at Renault Trucks authorised dealer RH Commercials and interiors by Doncaster Trimmers, the covers have come off the fully renovated 1997 plate Renault AE 380.19 TD Magnum 4×2, which will appear at shows across the UK and Ireland in 2021.

    Alex Williams, Head of Brand & Communications, Renault Trucks UK & Ireland, says: “The Renault Trucks Magnum transformed the truck market when it arrived on the scene 30 years ago, and restoring this Magnum back to its original glory is the perfect tribute to a legendary vehicle. It has been a labour of love for all involved, and the painstaking transformation into the show-stopping vehicle it is today is an incredible achievement by Neulla Hughes at Renault Trucks UK and the team at RH Commercials and Doncaster Trimmers. Although we are forward-looking organisation, we do take great pride in our past and we are very pleased to mark Magnum’s 30th anniversary in classic style.”

    After stripping down the Magnum to its bare components, the highly skilled team at RH Commercials meticulously cleaned and replaced parts, and undertook a full chassis refurbishment ready for a respray in Renault Red paint on the shell and glossy black on the chassis. Paying close attention to period detail, new alloy wheels, tyres and air horns finish off the classic look. In an almost identical livery to the vehicle that made its debut at the 1990 Motor Show held at the NEC, the finished truck is a homage to the iconic launch AE 500s fitted with a Mack V8 Turbo Intercooler 503 hp engine, the first truck in Europe to be offered with such a high level of power.

    Inside the cab, the Magnum’s original ErgoVision instrument panel and dashboard have been painstakingly cleaned and restored.  Continuing the striking black and red colour theme, the custom interior refit by Doncaster Trimmers includes new black carpet, the CommandAIR driver and Passenger seats reupholstered in black leather with red stitching, and refurbished beds.

    The 3900 wheelbase tractor is powered by Renault’s 6 cylinder Turbo Intercooler engine which produces 374 hp and 1650 Nm of torque. Behind this is Renault’s B 18 gearbox, offering 18 speeds, including 16 synchronised gears and 2 crawler gears, and two reverse speeds.  Equipped to top the original ‘Magnum’ package specification, the vehicle also features 12 volt power outlet in cab, independent night heater, electrically operated cab tilt, second bunk and fridge.

    This show-stopping truck is expected to make its show debut at Truckfest 2021. 

  10. Festive Opening Times

    Our opening hours will be changing slightly over Christmas to give our hard-working team a well-deserved break after a busy year. Although sites may be closed or operating on reduced opening hours, you will still be able to reach our emergency breakdown line, should you need to.

    Alfreton opening hours

    24th December: 06:00 – 14:00

    25th – 28th December: CLOSED

    29th & 30th December: 06:00 – 00:00

    31st December: 06:00 – 14:00

    1st January: CLOSED

    2nd January: 08:00 – 12:30

    3rd January: CLOSED

    4th January: 06:00 – 00:00

    Nottingham opening hours

    24th December: 06:00 – 14:00

    25th – 28th December: CLOSED

    29th & 30th December: 06:00 – 00:00

    31st December: 06:00 – 14:00

    1st January: CLOSED

    2nd January: 06:00 – 15:00

    3rd January: CLOSED

    4th January: 06:00 – 00:00

    Leicester opening hours

    24th December: 06:00 – 14:00

    25th – 28th December: CLOSED

    29th & 30th December: 06:00 – 22:00

    31st December: 06:00 – 14:00

    1st – 3rd January: CLOSED

    4th January: 06:00 – 22:00

    Northampton opening hours

    24th December: 06:00 – 14:00

    25th – 28th December: CLOSED

    29th & 30th December: 06:00 – 22:00

    31st December: 06:00 – 14:00

    1st January: CLOSED

    2nd January: 08:00 – 12:00

    3rd January: CLOSED

    4th January: 06:00 – 22:00

    If you have any enquires or require more information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.