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Ten Turbo Compounds for D&D Transport

For 30 years, D&D Transport has been a leading haulage company based in Nottinghamshire. Their services include direct deliveries, contract hire, road haulage and door-to-door deliveries. With a 50-vehicle-strong fleet, 75% of which are Renault Trucks, keeping up with the latest technology is a priority.

Looking to refresh their fleet, Dave Palmer, Managing Director approached Simon Bailey, Sales Executive at RH Commercial Vehicles for assistance.

Dave commented: “It is important to keep your fleet up to date. Investing in the latest technology ensures that your fleet will run efficiently too.”

On this occasion, Dave purchased 10 Renault T High 480 6×2 Turbo Compounds Trucks . They will be working on general haulage across the UK. These are the first Turbo Compound engine vehicles for D&D and RHCV.

Dave commented, “We bought our first new truck from RHCV in 2011. We have built a great relationship with them and trust the Renault brand.

“The Turbo Compound engine is a first for D&D. A real pull factor is the potential savings in fuel. This is a real benefit when considering the ongoing cost of operation. I am looking forward to seeing the benefits over the year.”

The Renault Trucks T High 480 with DE Turbo Compound engine can save up to 10% on fuel and reduces up to 10% CO2 emissions through new technologies. This technology features patented Wave Pistons for improved combustion. By directing the flames inside the combustion bowl, the available oxygen is utilised better and improves combustion.

An additional turbine positioned downstream of the turbocharger, allows the residual energy in exhaust gasses to be converted into mechanical energy. This is transmitted into the crankshaft as additional engine torque.

This, therefore, allows higher levels of torque at lower speeds.

The comfort of cruise control is also assisted by the turbo-compound engine with the default ECO ON module. Fuel consumption is optimised by certain driving procedures such as acceleration, gear change, speed regulation and deceleration have been adjusted. This means the driver can enjoy the benefits of cruise control whilst reducing fuel consumption.

Dave said, “Considering our impact on the environment is another important consideration of the business. Historically, this industry has been quite harmful with the emissions emitted. By implementing this new technology, we can become more environmentally conscious.”

The design of the T Highs also pays particular attention to the comfort and well-being of the drivers. This assists with driver retention and improved mental health.

As standard, the Renault Trucks T High range includes a flat floor, making it easier to move around, storage compartments by the roof and under the bunk, extra-large drawers, heaters and comfy mattresses in the bunk areas.

D&D had a 40l fridge, 50A max power supply, luxury driver’s seat, TV aerial and ROADPAD+ fitted which features, an HGV-specific TOM TOM navigation system, FM and DAB+ radio, USB port and jack socket, and a dual Bluetooth connection.

Dave said, “It is vital that our drivers feel safe and comfortable on the road. It is where they will be spending most of their time after all. That is why we purchased the additional comfort package.

“Another feature the drivers have particularly found advantageous is the adjustable steering column.”

The Renault Trucks multidirectional steering column has been designed to bring more comfort to the driver and allow easier movement and access to and from the cab. It has a full three-axel adjustment for an optimised driving position. It is foot controlled to adjust the wheel to its desired position.

Renault Trucks also considers safety a high priority in the design of each vehicle with Electronic Braking Systems (EBS) have been included in the design. It features anti-lock braking systems (ABS), anti-slip regulation (ASR), emergency brake assist (EBA) and anti-roll technology to help drivers focus on their jobs safely.

The trucks for D&D have been fitted with five-way camera systems, extra reversing lights, stop lights and emergency lighting. As the company takes safety incredibly seriously, these safety measures suit them very well.

Dave said, “These measures provide our drivers with the security to perform their duties confidently and securely. Their safety is paramount to the business, it ensures their retention and peace of mind when on the road.”

Overall, the service for D&D has been ‘exemplary’. Dave said, “Having a reliable vehicle and backup together is vital for the business and RHCV excels in all that. Whenever we have had minor problems, the team have rectified them quickly and efficiently. It is why we will always keep coming back to RHCV.”



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