Keep your van running for less with these tips

Is your van a key part of your business? Or do you own or run a fleet of vans for a company? Either way, you know it can be rather costly to operate when you throw tax, fuel, insurance, maintenance and even emissions into the mix. Therefore, it is crucial to do everything you can to keep operating costs to a minimum.

Here’s a list of things you can do or look out for to save you cash…

Pick your van wisely…

The main way to keep those costs down is to pick the best suited van for you or your business needs.

Ask yourself:

  • What type of body type do I need?
  • How big does my load area need to be?
  • Is downsizing an option?
  • How many passengers will I have?
  • How many doors do you need? What are the best rear doors?

Tip: Pick some of your favourite models and look at the general running costs before you buy. Usually, smaller vans have lower running costs – but always check the reviewed fuel economy.

Getting covered…

It’s usually the biggest cost to running your van (or vans), but the alternative could cost you a lot more!

Choosing the best policy is vital. Different companies do offer good, basic policies that can vary, but you need to think about what else needs protecting. Perhaps you are an electrician with expensive tools in the back than a sign that says, “No tools left in this vehicle overnight”. Or you may be a delivery business with varying goods, you may want a policy that covers what’s in the van as well as the van itself. By covering all aspects, you can rest assured that if the worst does happen, you aren’t left with a huge bill.

Some policies also include breakdown cover which is cheaper than a separate plan. If you heavily rely on your van for your business, a breakdown recovery plan is indispensable.

Road Tax…

Emissions are a key indicator to the amount of road tax you pay. The lower your emissions, the lower your road tax. If an electric van is feasible, you can forget about high road tax – and ULEZ and LEZ and CAZ and congestion charge!


Fuel is a huge but necessary cost to your operation, so only choose a large van if you must. Smaller vans and electric vans can significantly reduce your costs. Petrol and diesel prices are continuing to increase where electricity is decreasing – in some instances, it’s cheaper to charge overnight than fill up at the petrol station.

Service, maintenance and repair…

Does your van cover a lot of miles? You may have to think about long service intervals when picking your next model. What will be the most reliable and suffer the shortest amount of downtime?

Manufacturers are becoming more and more focused on unique offerings such as courtesy vans, extended opening times and 24/7 Breakdown recovery. So look out for what you can benefit from when your van needs to go to the workshop.

breakdown recovery technician


If you are going to invest in a van, you need to look after it! Make sure you are conducting regular checks, drive sensibly, keep it clean, invest in extra security and pick a dealership you can trust.

You can find your closest van dealership here: Depots near me

By following these tips and acting costs consciously, you can achieve maximum efficiency out of your van for less than you thought.

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