The only vehicle inspection checklist you will need

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Your van is your workshop or office when on the go – you can’t perform without it, like how Batman can’t perform without his utility belt! Therefore, keeping your van in tip-top condition is a must. Whether you are an electrician, carpenter, craftsman, plumber, caterer, florist, ice cream man or more, you know that the condition of your vehicle reflects on the performance of your business.

new renault trucks master red editionWith this vehicle inspection list, you can make sure your portable office is at max efficiency – and you can find out what to do if you find that not every box is ticked.

The only checklist you will need to keep your van on top form.

A thorough check of your vehicle is the first line of defence against inconvenient and costly faults. This list is designed for those who depend on their vehicle for their livelihood and to keep catastrophic downtime at bay.

Check the outside

Is there any visible damage such as dents or scratches? Are your lights working? Make sure all your warning lights, indicators, fog lights, interior lights, headlights and brake lights,  are working properly and not flickering. Talking of brake lights… Are your brakes working properly? Do they feel spongey? What about your wheels? Are they aligned? Is the tread depth and pressure correct?

Have you looked under the hood? Do any of the engine components have any signs of wear or leaks? Is there enough fluid? Is the oil, brake fluid, and coolant where it should be? Does the battery look rusty or corroded and are all the connections secure?

If you spot any lights on the blink, fluid looking half empty, or spongey brake pads, you should get them replaced straight away to prevent any fines or serious vehicle faults which could have been avoided if they weren’t ignored. These faults can become very expensive very quickly and can put your van out of action for even longer than needed.

Most things such as lightbulbs, fluids, and batteries are available at your nearest parts department. Getting these things sorted quickly is important when keeping your mobile workspace at maximum efficiency.

Check the interior

Are your tools and equipment securely fastened? Are your built-in shelves functioning and well organised? Are any potential hazards removed? Do the locks and security systems work? Do you have the right-anti theft systems? Are your valuables secure and out of sight?

Investing in the correct security systems is vital to prevent you and your business. parts departments can provide appropriate systems to keep your tools safe and some vans with extensive security systems are available on the market.

Check out the Renault Trucks reinforced Trafic van, it’s designed to combat break-ins.

new reinforced Trafic Van

new reinforced Trafic Van

Safety equipment and security

Prioritising safety in any business, not just in a vehicle is paramount. Taking the right measures allows you to proactively prevent costly repairs, loss of any goods and avoids accidents.

With this in mind, do you have all the necessary safety equipment such as a first aid kit, fire extinguisher and PPE? Is it easily accessible?

Are you legal?

Is all your documentation such as insurance, registration, and MOT up to date? Does your profession require any specific checks? Are they all in check?

These have to be in order to prevent a hefty fine, driving ban or even a prison sentence.


A thorough check of your vehicle is VITAL not only from a compliance and safety point of view, bit a well-maintained van reflects your professional capabilities and reputation. It also helps you keep costs to a minimum and keeps the threat of extended downtime away.

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