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MOT and Tachograph

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MOT Services

Vehicles over 3.5 tonnes need to be tested under the HGV MOT standards.

An MOT includes:

  • External examination including lights, age of tyres, VIN, horn, security of the body and parts, fuel cap, seat belts, and windscreen.
  • Exhaust smoke-meter test.
  • Headlight alignment test.
  • Shaker plate test for all steered axles, to check steering components and wheel bearings.
  • Under body inspection to check the condition of – brake components, exhaust, prop shaft, loading vehicles,a ir leaks, fluid leaks etc.
  • Roller brake testing – checking the function, effort, bind and ovality of the brake components.

At RHCV we have teams of fully qualified IRTEC technicians to DVSA standards across the East Midlands. Every vehicle is prepared and tested to these standards.

After the test, we will take you through any faults and discuss the best options for repair and soon as possible.

Tachograph Service

Tachograph Centre

We offer a wide range of services for Tachograogh Installation, Testing, Service and repaor on Analogue and Digital Tachographs no matter what make.

WSe are able to complete routine calibration, and checks. We also offer a complete range of approved Tacho Heads from analoge to digial, new and reconditioned.

We believe that by investing in the latest tachograph kit, you avoid major disruption to your business. This is because we can complete minor fixes and alterations.

We have the latest technology at our sites therefore we can boast a rapid repair and a profesisonal service for all tachograph needs.

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HomeMOT and Tachograph

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