RHCV dominates Renault Trucks' Driving Quality Programme.

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RHCV has topped the Renault Truck’s Driving Quality Programme with their Newark and Alfreton sites in first and second place. There was only one point between them.

RH Commercial Vehicles (RHCV) have once again been recognised for their dedicated work for their customers and employees. This time, their sites in Newark and Alfreton have been lighting the way in this success by dominating the Renault ‘Driving Quality Programme’ (DQP) with Newark at the top of the leader board, and Alfreton coming second by only one point.

This success means that this is the third time in a row that an RHCV dealer has topped the leader board, meaning that they have been the number one performing dealer for a year and a half.

The DQP measures the performance and dealer standards of each dealer’s aftermarket within Renault Trucks. It tracks the progress through Audits, MOT pass rate, breakdown performance, customer surveys and recall completion. The programme aims to ensure the best customer service is always given and that customer and employee facilities are continuously maintained and improved.

This semester, Newark is leading the way by scoring 79 out of a possible 95 points and achieving full marks in MOTs, and the Highway to Handshake Audit which ensures that the customer gets the best service possible.

The Newark site opened in Tuxford in 2021 to allow better service to their customer base in Newark and North Nottinghamshire. It has three high bays and the latest parts management technology – all of which assisted them to achieve such a high DQP score. Chris Turner, Dealer Point Manager for the site, welcomes the DQP result, commenting: “Having only acquired the site just over a year ago, it is fantastic to see all the hard work of the Newark team pay off by coming first in the leader board.

Chris and the team in Newark accepting their vouchers from Simon Crotty, Head of Parts, and Commercial Support for Renault Trucks UK.

“This award is a true incentive for all of us to give the best service to our customers for the foreseeable future.”

-Chris Turner, Dealer Point Manager, Newark.

“This award is a true incentive for all of us to give the best service to our customers for the foreseeable future. We will now be working even harder to retain our top spot on the leader board and continue to give even better service and facilities to our customers and employees.” For coming first on the leader board, the site has received £3,000 in vouchers for the team to enjoy which were delivered by Simon Crotty, Head of Parts, and Commercial Support for Renault Trucks UK.

Missing the top by one point but still achieving a fantastic score was Alfreton, who scored 78 out of a possible 95 points in the programme. They also scored full marks in MOT pass rate and breakdown performance. The Alfreton site has been part of the RHCV family for a number of years and has been undergoing a small refurbishment to further improve the customer and employee facilities. For coming second, the team received £2,000 in vouchers to enjoy.

Richard and his team in Alfreton, accepting their vouchers from Simon Crotty.

Richard Bradbury, Dealer Point Manager for Alfreton said: “Although we missed out on the top spot by one point, it is great to see a fellow RHCV dealer in first place.

“I couldn’t be prouder of the team at Alfreton with all the hard work they have put in to ensure the best service is received by all our customers.

“Next year, we will be working hard to join Newark at the top spot and find innovative ways to provide our customers with even better service when they come to Alfreton.”

James Daykin, Aftermarket General Manager for RHCV, commented: “Congratulations to both Newark and Alfreton for the brilliant results in the DQP. A lot of hard work, attention and determination goes into excelling through these audits.

“By ensuring our customer and employee facilities are continuously maintained and improved, we are showcasing that we always strive to go above and beyond to meet the changing requirements of our customers and provide a healthy environment for our team.”

Nigel Baxter, Managing Director of RHCV, commented: “At RHCV, we have had a very prosperous year, this recognition reflects the hard work our team put in every day to continue the success of the business. Congratulations to Newark and Alfreton for such a great achievement.”

RHCV has been selling and leasing heavy (HGV) and light commercial vehicles (LCV) across the East Midlands for over 40 years as well as repair, maintenance, and parts sales.




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