"The Good Move", a journey right to the heart of Renault Trucks' ecological transition

How can a key player in road freight transport – a sector responsible for 7% of CO2 emissions in Europe – contribute to limiting global warming? Bruno Blin, President of Renault Trucks, gives us a first insight and explains how his company is getting organised and making significant changes to rapidly and drastically reduce its carbon footprint in “The Good Move, committed to decarbonisation”, a seven-part web series which premiered on November 8, 2023.

Global warming is a reality and we are all individually responsible for our decisions and actions. What does this mean for me, President of Renault Trucks, a company that manufactures trucks found on roads worldwide? These are Bruno Blin’s opening words to the web series “The Good Move, committed to decarbonisation”.


Road freight transport does indeed account for 7% of total CO2 emissions in Europe, making it a key sector in the fight against climate change. “We are part of the problem, which means that we have a fundamental role to play in solving it,” says Bruno Blin. “Because we can no longer be satisfied with baby steps, at Renault Trucks we have made commitments to decarbonise our industry and conserve resources, with many concrete actions already in place. Of course, a lot still remains to be done. This is what I wanted to share and document in this series.”

In “The Good Move, committed to decarbonisation”, a seven-part web series in a documentary-style format, Bruno Blin, accompanied by a company employee, meets the experts: a battery recycling professional, a plant director, an urban logistics specialist, as well as a glaciologist and member of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

They all share the same desire to collectively embrace change – in practices, models, and above all, mindset. Because the answer to the climate challenge lies in collaboration and innovation.


Each of the seven episodes in the series explores a specific aspect of the transition process and highlights Renault Trucks’ commitment to driving the move to sustainable transport. The first episode of this weekly series is now available online.


“The Good Move, committed to decarbonisation” was produced by Régis Granet, with the French agency Alunites


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