Five things you need to know before switching to electric

Although the going green deadline has slowed down a little – fossil fuels will still eventually be phased out. And you are not the only one who may be a little daunted at the prospect of decarbonising your fleet. But those who switch early will find it easier to learn to operate electric vehicles before the pressure of government legislation.

But before all that, here are 5 things you need to know before switching to electric…

Is EV right for you?

Will EV suit your operation? Covering up to 300km a day and offering full charge in as little as two hours, Renault Trucks has fully electric vehicles that would be perfect for your business. Vehicles for urban and city applications, for last mile deliveries to specialist urban applications, minibuses, cherry pickers, skip loaders and refuse vehicles. We also have HGVs arriving soon.

Who’s your EV team?

You need to build your EV team. The impact on many areas of your business will probably be unlike anything you’ve experienced when purchasing, engineering, distribution, sales and legal, all these departments will need to be on board and working together to be successful.

Have you got the power?

Is the right power available? What is your power profile? See what is available and what grid resources are around your site.

You don’t always need to invest in DC rapid chargers, especially if your operations can facilitate overnight charging.

The Renault Trucks D E-Tech range charges at 22kWh AC or 150kWh DC. Rapid chargers are more expensive and better suited to double-shift vehicles, or a top-up charge when needed.

A large-scale fleet transition needs to be undertaken with great care as your energy supply will become incredibly critical in future years.

Part of our offer is to introduce expert companies who can advise on energy supply and charging infrastructure.

Making the transition

Moving a small number of vehicles over to electric could be considered the first phase. Building on and understanding your experience can help you build confidence in the vehicle and infrastructure when planning to switch more vehicles over.

A staged roll-out can allow you to assess your operations in detail and help you determine the suitability for electrification. Take the time to make any required energy upgrades and install charging infrastructure.

The Renault D and D-Wide E-Tech range are backed up by a unique battery promise, guaranteeing their performance for up to 10 years and monitoring its performance.

New solutions are being developed all the time. Look to partners who are serious about electric. Choose a manufacturer who is committed with a strong network and expertise to look after the vehicle. Select an infrastructure partner with the hardware and software to optimise your energy usage. Our Energy Transition Specialist takes a partnership approach with experts across the field to maximise success.

We can help you decide if EV is right for your business


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