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The HGV Technician Apprenticeship

Good with your hands? Then this may be the perfect role for you!

What you will learn…

HGV Technicians will inspect,  maintain and repair large vehicles that are over 3.5 tonnes.

Ultimately, there are three main categories to the role, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be doing the same three things day in, day out! These categories are:


  • This means you will carry out checks, making sure everything works, and the vehicles are safe to use.


  • When you’ve found something wrong, you’ll fix it.


  • Using the latest equipment to identify a fault in a vehicle.


Don’t worry, we won’t throw you in the deep end. You’ll be observing our experts who will keep you in safe hands. 


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You’ll be able to

As an apprentice, you will observe, learn and gain an understanding of a wide range of engineering skills and processes while under the instruction of skilled technical staff.

  • Show off your skills and processes by working independently or in a team
  • Become an expert in fundamental technologies – HGV chassis design, engine fuels, transmissions, hydraulic and air braking etc – all the parts that make the truck go!
  • Construct and modify apparatus & instruments from drawings and verbal instructions.
  • Maintaining workshop equipment.

Not only will you kickstart your career, you will gain some great skills for life….

Problem Solving

As an HGV Technician, your job is to figure out what isn’t working in a vehicle. You will need problem-solving skills to identify the issue to fix it.

Eye for Detail

Paying attention to the little details is vital! If you do this, you can fix something properly.


Using your time wisely and working smarter, not harder is key to success, especially when you have a lot to do at once!


Essential if you want jobs to be done quickly! Imagine you have a job to finish and you can’t find your tools? Nightmare! By staying organised you’re making your life so much easier.

Admin Skills

Answering phones, responding to emails, sorting appointments and job cards – it might not sound like much, but you will build a professional tone which is valuable for your development and company’s reputation.


Being savvy on a computer means you’ll hit the ground running when you need to diagnose an issue with a vehicle. Also, they will store all the info you will need about vehicle models and customers – so it is a pretty important skill to have.


Discussing issues and the steps you took to fix them with a customer is a must. They want to understand what you did and understand what has changed. For this you need to be good at written and verbal communication.



Lets talk cash…!

Every technician gets a tool allowance to help you get started on your career and produce some of the best work possible. As an apprentice, you’ll start on £14,365 a year. This increased after every year you pass with us until you become a master technician! Here, you’ll be earning around £37,901 a year.

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Hear it from the team….

I work in the Alfreton branch at RHCV, learning how to service vehicles, replacing parts of trucks like the engine, wheels, brakes and diagnostics – where I can identify what is wrong with a vehicle and know what is needed to fix it. I chose RHCV as my dad has been a customer for years, so I knew it had a brilliant reputation. Everything is taught so thoroughly. Every day there is something new to learn – there’s so many parts of a truck and jobs to do, it never gets boring!” 

– Harry Squires, third year apprentice. Harry is also one of the Renault Trucks UK Great 8! 

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