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Customer Service Reception Apprenticeship


What you will learn….

With mentoring in the work place and training from Remit, you will develop some great customer service skills and achieve your level 2 functional skills in English & Maths (if required) and level 2 in Customer Service.


You will become the smiling face of the business!


The Role….

  • To secure orders from prospective customers
  • Research potential customers
  • Communicate with customers effectively
  • Use the CRM effectively
  • Telephone validation of leads.
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Not only will you kickstart a great career, you can learn all these skills for life…

Clear Communication

This will be the most important skill to learn if you want a career in customer service. You will ALWAYS be communicating- whether you’re answering phone calls, emailing, or talking to customers, you’ll be confident in verbal and written communication.


We don’t just mean hearing someone talking – or listening to music! It’s processing the information you are being given, noddings when you understand someone or making customers feel heard. You’ll be able to read and understand body language and respond in the correct way.


Understanding what a customer says and feels will really set you above the rest when it comes to customer service. As you are learning on the job, this will develop over time and you will find you’ll be able to resolve issues a lot quicker.

Taking Responsibility

Not everyone likes saying sorry – even when it isn’t your fault. But by learning this skill, you will find you will form a better relationship with a customer or colleague because of it. It will make  the customer feel valued and may prompt them to return to your business in the future.

Lets talk cash…!

The more you learn with us, the more you will be paid. That’s why your salary will increase for every year you pass with us. When you start your career journey on the Customer Service Reception Apprenticeship, you will earn £12,155 a year and it can only go up from there!


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