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Trucklink EU is officially an ‘exemplary’ operator thanks to RHCV.

Trucklink EU are palletised freight distribution specialists. Since their founding in 2006, they have over 60 dedicated vehicles serving over 600 customers through a wide range of services including pallet distribution, warehousing, storage and air freight. Now, with the support of RHCV and others behind them, they have officially become an ‘exemplary’ operator in the UK palletised freight distribution sector through earning accreditation from the Driver and Vehicles Standards Association (DVSA).

The Leicester team have worked incredibly closesly with Trucklink EU to make sure that all of their vehicles met the high standards of the DVSA and provided a top notch service which have given Trucklink EU peace of mind knowing their services continue to meet these standards. The team has worked tirelessly to keep all trucks maintained, carry out MOTs and repair parts where neccessary.

To earn the accreditation, Trucklink EU had to demonstrate a firm record of compliance to the DVSA’s standards and prove they have robust systems and processes which promote effective and proactive transport management. The Leicester team took this all into close consideration when carrying out their work on their fleets.

Trucklink EU have expressed great thanks to RHCV Leicester saying, “We have been looked after so well by RHCV and without them behind us we would not be able to maintain the high standards needed for the DVSA accreditation. They worked really closely with us and made sure to communicate any issues and problems they have found.

“There is such a great team effort at RHCV. We are very happy with their service and look forward to working together in the future to ensure our businesses continues to operate efficiently. Now we can really demonstrate to customers the excellent standards we have here and ensure that Britain’s roads are a safer place to be.”

Now Trucklink EU have this accreditation from the DVSA, the burden of enforcement through costly and innconvenient roadside check ups have been reduced. Now they can allow the DVSA to remotely monitor their complience systems, allowing Trucklink to continue their services across the UK seamlessly.