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RHCV’s 2 T-High 520s have been catching DLR drivers’ eyes – “Now they all want one!”

RHCV’s 2 T-High 520s have been catching DLR drivers’ eyes – “Now they all want one!”

Formed in 1971, DLR is a leading haulage provider for the construction industry. With just under 40 trucks in operation (10 of them being Renault Trucks), they supply to companies such as Forterra, Siemens Rail and Peacock Salt as a trusted haulier for over 50 years.

The two T-High 520s they purchased have further strengthened the relationship between DLR and RHCV.

Their Operations Manager, Simon Foster, said: “We have always had a great relationship with RHCV and Paul Pearson (Commercial Director).

“Their communication is always spot on and having a depot on our doorstep is always an advantage.”

DLR neighbours RHCV’s depot in Tuxford, Newark, which has served as a reliable workshop for the company since 2021. With a full R&M package purchased with the trucks, RHCV has literally been a stone’s throw away.

RHCV’s reliability hasn’t been the only standout feature for DLR. The trucks’ impressive appearance has caught the eyes of their drivers – and now they all want one!

Simon said: “The drivers have been very pleasantly surprised by the look of the vehicles. They are stunning.

“The comfort of the T-highs also stood out without drivers. The flat floor the cab has really benefitted our drivers when they have been tramping for four days of the week, You can tell the design of the cab has taken the drivers’ comfort and wellbeing as a primary concern”,

The T-High has become widely recognised for its improved driver comfort and well-being considerations. The flat floor has made it easier to move around the cab; plenty of storage has been designated to ensure all the drivers’ creature comforts can be safely stored; A swivelling shelf is also included that can be easily reached from the passenger seat and sleeping area, and an inverter is also included to allow kettles and microwaves to be used when on long trips.

Overall, DLR has been very impressed with the quality and service provided by RHCV.

“The communication, service and product have been second to none as always.

“RHCV will always remain as a go-to dealer for DLR.”





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