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Renault a ‘safe as houses’ option for Enva

Enva is a leading provider of waste management and resource recovery solutions, operating across 30 facilities in the UK and Ireland and employing over 1,500 staff. It has an ongoing reciprocal business relationship with RHCV, having first approached the business last year.

The specialist waste division at Enva, located in Bilsthorpe, Newark, most recently contacted RHCV’s Nottingham dealership for assistance with the acquisition of a new T-range 6×2 11L E6 vehicle. This was required to manage the national collection of hazardous waste.

Safety was the primary consideration for Enva in making its choice, as the firm opted for the very first Renault within its fleet. The 6×2 model offered excellent credentials in this area, alongside an incredibly robust design. This was a very important feature, given the serious nature of the work that the vehicle would be used for.

Enva’s requirement for this new truck was to replace one of four specialist vehicles within its 70-strong fleet, and it chose the 6×2 primarily for safety reasons. When discussing its needs with RHCV, the firm was clear in its objective; to ensure all drivers felt protected when going about their daily duties.

Paul James, Fleet Compliance Manager at Enva, explained: “Renault offered both the durability and stability that is expected from one of the leading commercial vehicle brands. Safety for the occupants is always our primary concern, as well as the functionality which enables the job to be done in the best possible way.

“Secondary to that is driver retention, which in today’s market with the national shortfall, is key. By providing a truck whose cab incorporates features that enhance the overall welfare package and standard of available equipment, we aim to show our drivers they are valued and will be looked after.

“Some drivers live in their trucks from Monday to Friday, so the cab specification must feel like home from home. The T-range delivers on this by offering standing space as well as creature comforts – including a fridge, microwave, and an inverter so a kettle or toaster can be plugged in – so a driver is self-sufficient when away from base.”

Enva acquired the 6×2 on a lease agreement for a period of five years, with a full repair and maintenance package. Feedback from the drivers who now use the vehicles regularly has been positive, especially in the comparisons made to other vehicles used previously.

As well as liaising with RHCV’s Nottingham site, Enva also uses the Tuxford site to service other older branded vehicles within its fleet. The firm has been very impressed with the great service received at both locations.

Paul added: “RHCV is always responsive to our needs and is acutely aware of minimising vehicle downtime because of the operational impacts on the business. The firm offers good value, the team is always efficient, and we are always happy in terms of the level of customer service we receive.”

A dark green Enva truck parked outside RHCV