How wheel alignment can save you hundreds

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A properly aligned vehicle can reduce fuel consumption costs by up to 5%. It also gives you the ability to plan ahead and decrease many impacts on your truck and your business. With a wheel alignment diagnosis and with the necessary adjustments, you can also avoid unnecessary high fuel consumption and tyre wear costs.

With a quick alignment, bad steering is a  thing of the past and drivers can benefit from increased comfort when arriving. Many operators regard driver comfort as a vital consideration when running fleets as comfy drivers have an increased well-being which overall, increases driver retention. This is vital when considering the national driver shortage that the industry has been facing in recent years.

wheel alignment

Your vehicles are less likely to suffer from frequent mechanical wear.

Issues that can be avoided through a simple wheel alignment procedure will prevent more serious problems and vehicle downtime which is very costly to vehicle operators.

You may also avoid increased air resistance. Increased air resistance affects the speed of your vehicle and your fuel consumption. By taking steps that reduce air resistance, such as wheel alignment, you are proactively reducing your operational costs.

Reduced tyre wear

Increased tracking sensitivity is also a huge impact caused by misaligned wheels. Unparallel axles cause tyres to drag which increases tyre wear. You will end up having to replace tyres more frequently than needed which significantly increases the cost of ownership and operation.


wheel alignment


Reduce fuel consumption

Increased fuel consumption is a common knock-on effect for many vehicle issues, brought on by misaligned wheels. With a simple check, you can stop the domino effect that costs you time and money.

Keeps you and others safe

Misaligned wheels risk your vehicle veering off in different directions meaning you may run the risk of veering into other lanes and causing a crash. While many vehicles have lane assist as standard, a wheel alignment can prevent a dangerous accident.

So why hesitate? Get your vehicle booked into your local dealership today to avoid costly and dangerous impacts on your business.


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