Renault Trucks Optifleet feeds fleet improvements for ForFarmers UK Limited

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Following the successful introduction of Renault Trucks’ Optifleet telematics system, ForFarmers UK Limited, livestock feed manufacturer, has seen a significant improvement in driver performance as well as reductions in vehicle idling time and associated costs.


Optifleet is designed to boost drivers’ performance, reduce operating costs, and support decision-making; The telematics platform keeps transport operators connected to their vehicles at all times, so that they may monitor the real-time performance of both vehicles and drivers. ForFarmers has been utilising Optifleet across 31 Renault Trucks T440 6x2s since 2020.


Simon Thorne, Fleet Manager, explains: “Finding better and more efficient ways to manage our operations is key. As Optifleet came as part of the deal with Renault Trucks, we were keen to use their OEM system rather than a generic 3rd party telematics as it specifically enhances the Renault trucks’ performance.”


Easy to use

Neil Farrington, Preston Driver Assessor, explains how Optifleet is straight forward to use in the ForFarmers fleet: “Optifleet is very easy to use, it’s simple to customise and receive reports which can be sent automatically on an agreed frequency. There are also multiple benefits in using the system itself, including driver engagement, fuel efficiency, cost-savings to the bottom line, reduction in wear and tear and accidents, driver welfare, vehicle tracking for planning, and management of driver performance in real-time.”


Reduced idling time

Commenting on the value of Optifleet, Neil & Simon say: “We have targeted reducing idling time in the fleet to improve fuel efficiency, save costs, improve safety, reduce wear and tear as well as reduce the impact on the environment.  We are delighted that in 5 of our trucks operating out of our Preston depot, we have reduced idling time from 16.65% in January 2023 to an average of 9.3% in June with a best month score of an impressive 8.29%. Costs have also been reduced from £232 per month to £73 per month over the 5 trucks on average across the same time periods. Following this success, we will roll Optifleet out to our remaining depots in August 2023 and expect to see similar results.”


Improved driving performance

The Optifleet eco-score report is based on an algorithm created by Renault Trucks that evaluates the driver’s driving style and eco-driving credentials. It is designed to energise teams by setting performance-level challenges and benchmarking. ForFarmers use the Optifleet eco-score report to analyse driver behavioural performance based on a score of 0 to 10 including data such as anticipation and braking frequency, optimal use of the vehicle, and idling times.


Neil goes on to say, “The eco-score report really helps to promote good driving skills and identifies those who need to develop. We have worked hard on improving the driver idling score and made significant gains in this area, starting from an average of 7.8/10 in January 2023, now up to an average of 9.3/10 in June 2023. Optifleet is the perfect tool to motivate our drivers, pushing them to be the best they can be. They are always very keen to improve their scores, fostering a sense of community as well as friendly competition.”


Meeting sustainability objectives

“Optifleet fits in perfectly with ForFarmers’ sustainability objectives as it reduces costs, increases driver safety and engagement as well as reducing our carbon emissions and improving our overall sustainability. There is still work to do but we are getting there and the support from the Optifleet team and our Renault Trucks Customer Delivery Manager, Aaron Benwell, is especially helpful and we very much appreciate the support he has given to help us get to the improved position on sustainability and cost.”

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