First Renault Truck for K&H Bakewell Ltd sold by RHCV.

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The purchase of 2 Renault T-High 520 6×2 tractor units has ignited a prosperous relationship between RH Commercial Vehicles (RHCV) and K&H Bakewell Ltd. Despite the pandemic’s repercussions still causing vehicle shortage, Pete Lowery, Director of K&H Bakewell, was very impressed with Renault Trucks’ availability and RHCV’s communication which spurred him to add two new T-Highs to his fleet.

He said: “There is always a demand for new trucks, whether it is to replace old ones or to accommodate rising demand. After speaking with Jim McNeil from RHCV, I was impressed with what he could supply to keep business booming. I have never had a Renault Truck in my fleet, but I was pleasantly surprised at the capabilities of this vehicle and how it can serve the company.”

K&H Bakewell Ltd is a haulage company based in Newhaven. They have 50 years of experience in providing committed deliveries of goods safely. Their 25-strong fleet of mixed vehicles features a range of loading and unloading facilities that suits all transportation requirements.

The 2xT-High 520s 6×2 has a track record as an extremely dependable vehicle. Featuring the 12.8l DTI 13 engine, every trip is profitable as its technology avoids excessive fuel consumption. This allows up to 10% savings in fuel and 10% CO2 reduction which in turn minimises the impact on the environment.

Pete Lowery commented: “I was very impressed with the fuel consumption of the T-High. There is a dramatic fuel saving between the Renault and other vehicles in my fleet meaning it can really benefit operational costs, especially during these times of economic uncertainty.

“Everything about the vehicle seems to have been designed for absolute peace of mind – from the savings in fuel to the design of the cab. The drivers’ well-being is clearly considered, and our drivers love it.”

The driver’s well-being and comfort is a primary factor in the design of every Renault Truck, especially with the T-High. Everything is positioned to be within reach for the driver and the flat floor makes it easier to move around the cab when on long trips. There is plenty of storage within the cab as well. The vehicle is fitted with a microwave, fridge, inverter, DVS kit, strobes, and beacons – earning it top marks for comfort, visibility, and drivability.

In order to fit in with the red and white uniformity of the fleet, the truck went through RHCV’s fully equipped and modern paintshop. This truck was also the first time a mock-up was created in photoshop to preview the livery design to customers. This is to achieve authenticity and maximise customer satisfaction.

“The paintwork on the T-High is brilliant, absolutely top quality. With the added lights, these trucks will really own the road!

“RHCV has been excellent from start to finish. I am very impressed with the great customer service and the superb quality of the vehicle. This fills me with great confidence to continue forming a strong relationship between RHCV and K&H Bakewell Ltd”.


First Truck for K&H Bakewell sold by RHCV

First Truck for K&H Bakewell sold by RHCV



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Notes to Editors: RHCV is a leading independent dealer for Renault Trucks, Isuzu Trucks and Brian James Trailers from 6 strategically placed sites in Nottingham, Alfreton, Leicester, Newark, Northampton, and Peterborough. They are test station approved, run DVSA tachograph centres and run 24-hour breakdown recovery with fully equipped vans and skilled operators. Each workshop has an extensive parts department as well as a PaintShop.

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