RH Commercial Vehicles and Central Crane Technicians achieve a first on a highly specialised truck for NGR Limited.

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The first Renault C 430 combined with a FASSI F305A.2.23. has been completed through a joint project by Central Crane Technicians (CCT) and RH Commercial Vehicles (RHCV). The concept opens exciting new opportunities and potentials for the C range as the addition of the crane has an impressive, completed payload of 14.5 tonnes.

Established in 1989, CCT is the ‘one-stop shop’ for all lorry loader requirements and can install a full range of cranes from 1 to 215 tonne/ metres. The crane attached to the Renault C 430, supplied by RHCV’s Andy Cross has been designed for use by NGR Ltd.

Founded in 2000, NGR supplies prefabricated reinforcement cages and accessories to the construction industry and has worked on projects such as the London Olympic Village and structures, The Jubilee Underground, and the London Gateway Port.

Oliver Hallas, Sales Director of CCT commented: “We are excited about the potential this vehicle has with a payload of 14.5 tonnes despite the installation of the crane.

“We have increased the diversity of the Renault C 430 so that it can serve the construction industry to even better levels. I can really see this type of vehicle combination becoming very popular in the construction industry. It can lift more and carry more.”

With its impressive payload and a crane that can lift 2495kg at a maximum hydraulic reach of 10.20m, the C 430 can better serve NGR. It can transport more stock and cut the number of trips needed to go to London and beyond.

Kamal Neckoula, Director of NGR Limited, commented: “Previously, we have been using second-hand trucks for business. This is our first new truck from Renault, and it really has reduced our costs.

“The payload means we can transport more stock on one vehicle meaning a reduced need for trips and drivers. It also means a reduction in emissions which is better for our environment.

“The truck also makes travelling through London cheaper with congestion charges. Limiting the number of vehicles on the road and replacing our older trucks with new ones allows us to be much more efficient.”

The Renault C 430 features the DTI 11 engine which includes an EEC Euro VI pollution control level for further efficiency with its injection and emission reduction systems. Exhaust gas recirculation is also featured during the start-up phases. Controlled valves at the intake and the exhaust are used as well as specific combustion strategies. These measures help the truck perform more sustainably than before.

NGR was very impressed by the truck’s performance. The added features in the cab enhance the drivers’ welfare and retention. The cab was fitted with all the creature comforts such as a microwave, fridge, quality air conditioning, and plenty of room to move. Renault Trucks always has the drivers’ well-being in mind to make sure they feel valued and looked after.

NGR liaised with Andy Cross at RHCV Leicester, detailing their particular needs. They found their experience excellent and remain confident with RHCV as their truck dealer in the future. Since their purchase of the Renault C 430, NGR has shown a keen interest in another highly specialised tractor unit with an even bigger crane.

The addition of these cranes to the Renault C 430 is hoped to become an incredibly popular choice for the construction industry. With their impressive payload, it is truly a more efficient vehicle within a fleet.


NGR's C 4730 combined with a FASSI F305A.2.23 is a first achieved on RHCV and CCT Truck.

NGR’s C 4730 combined with a FASSI F305A.2.23. It is a first achieved on RHCV and CCT Truck




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Notes to Editors: RHCV is a leading independent dealer for Renault Trucks, Isuzu Trucks and Brian James Trailers from 6 strategically placed sites in Nottingham, Alfreton, Leicester, Newark, Northampton, and Peterborough. They are test station approved, run DVSA tachograph centres and run 24-hour breakdown recovery with fully equipped vans and skilled operators. Each workshop has an extensive parts department as well as a PaintShop.

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