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  1. Renault Trucks Announces Arrival of UK’s First 100% Electric Production Truck, Range D Wide Z.E

    Renault Trucks announces the arrival of the UK’s first right hand drive 100% electric serial production truck, a Range D Wide Z.E. 26 tonne 6×2 rigid. 

    “Today marks a significant milestone in our transformation of urban mobility, with the arrival in the UK of the first fully electric MHD launched earlier this year,” says Carlos Rodrigues, Managing Director, Renault Trucks UK & Ireland.

    He continues: “Major cities, starting with London are leading the way regarding air quality improvement. Clean Air Zones and Low Emissions Zones will gradually improve the air quality, but electromobility is the only viable option to achieve climate change and CO2 reduction in the urban environment.  We are delighted to introduce our Z.E. range fitting most urban and last mile delivery applications from 3.1 tonnes up to 26 tonnes. They are available for delivery here and now in the UK and Ireland.”

    Offering the widest available range from any manufacturer, the new D Wide Z.E. joins the 16 tonne D Z.E. and the Master Z.E. LCV to complete Renault Trucks’ line-up of 100% electric vehicles.

    The UK’s first D Wide Z.E. is a 6×2 Renault Trucks chassis cab model which has been specified for urban refuse collection; the range is additionally available for distribution applications. Power comes from two electric motors, delivering maximum power of 370 kW, continuous power of 260 kW and maximum torque of 850 Nm.

    The D Wide Z.E. is equipped with a 22kW on board AC charger and is compatible with DC fast charging up to 150kW, 200 KWh batteries (four packs of high energy density Nickel Manganese Cobalt (NMC) Lithium-ion cells that provide the optimum balance between operating range and payload) and offers up to 150km range according to application and body specification.

    As with trucks fitted with a combustion engine, a number of factors have an impact on an electric truck’s energy consumption, as Carlos Rodrigues notes: “Speed, topography and distribution cycle all play a role. With electromobility it is all about power availability and we are in a position to offer customers a peace of mind transition into electromobility. We offer turnkey solutions including charging infrastructure with partnerships we have already established so that our customers don’t have to worry about power supply into the truck.”

    He continues: “Once we understand all your operational requirements we will also guarantee the power available to operate your vehicle for up to ten years with our Start&Drive Excellence contracts. This is our battery performance promise for Range D Z.E.: it underwrites our expertise and confidence in our products and capabilities, and gives operators seeking to future-proof their fleets total peace of mind.”

    The D Wide Z.E. uses regenerative braking, as with all Z.E. models, utilising the motor to convert the kinetic energy during deceleration into electrical energy, conserving energy and extending driving range.

    Inside the day cab, the roomy interior is equipped with air-suspended COMFORT driver’s seat including driver’s armrest.  All Z.E. vehicles are designed to look and feel familiar to drivers, featuring the same interface in the cab as Renault Trucks’ diesel range with a few new commands.  A new electronic PTO engages with body equipment in a similar way to the mechanical version to ensure bodybuilders can work with an interface they already know.

    Carlos Rodrigues concludes: “Our ambition is to provide the right transport solution, in the right place, with the right energy, right now. For urban operators wanting to make a difference today, Renault Trucks’ 100% electric Z.E. range and our team of experts and partners is the answer.”

  2. Year 2020: A New Working Environment For Greater Efficiency

    rhcvRenault Trucks is launching the 2020 versions of its range of distribution vehicles. The D and D Wide are fitted with a refreshed ergonomic and comfortable interior design, safety features and aerodynamic equipment. The new versions of Renault Trucks’ distribution vehicles are 100% connected.

    A refreshed interior design for greater comfort Renault Trucks has reworked the interior design of its D and D Wide models. The 2020 versions feature a redesigned dashboard that includes a new steering wheel and a new black and white instrument cluster.

    To make the driver’s job easier, a tablet holder, an optional holder for a second smartphone and two USB-C ports have been added. The vehicles are also supplied with new radio equipment, compatible with the DAB+ digital terrestrial radio network.

    For a higher level of comfort, Renault Trucks offers its Comfort Pack as an option, which includes a leather steering wheel, a driver’s seat with side support, additional storage compartments, a second smartphone holder and a sunroof (for the D Wide only).

    New equipment for increased safety The Renault Trucks D and D Wide are fitted with adaptive cruise control (ACC) as standard. ACC maintains a safe distance from the vehicle in front by automatically adjusting acceleration and braking for greater safety, smoother driving and reduced driver fatigue.

    For improved visibility, the Renault Trucks D and D Wide are available with LED rear lights.

    For a high level of safety, Renault Trucks offers its Protect Pack as an option, which includes LED rear lights, a hill start aid, a vision door and a reverse alarm to improve protection for road users.

    Connected trucks for increased productivity Renault Trucks diesel vehicles are fitted with Euro 6 Step D engines, which are both fuel efficient and environmentally friendly.

    To further increase vehicle efficiency and productivity, Renault Trucks D-series models are connected as standard (TGW 4G). They are therefore compatible with Optifleet, Renault Trucks’ fleet management solution. With Optifleet, vehicle activity is managed in real time, which means that the main items of expenditure can be fully controlled. Fleet managers can track the fuel consumption of their vehicles with Optifleet Check and geolocate them in real time with Optifleet Map.

    For maximum productivity, Renault Trucks offers its Fuel Eco Pack as an option, which includes an adjustable roof deflector, inhibited power mode, automatic engine stop after three minutes, the Optiroll “free wheel” function (on the D Wide), optimised Fuel Eco gearbox software (on the D Wide) and a clutchable air compressor (on DTI 11 engines only).

    The Renault Trucks D and D Wide E engines are compatible with XTL synthetic fuel and biodiesel. The 2020 Range D line up will also see the introduction of 100% electric D and D Wide Z.E. models.

  3. VIP Guests First to Tour RHCV’s New Nottingham Site

    L to R. Carlos Rodrigues (Renault Trucks) Paul Pearson (RHCV), Nigel Baxter (RHCV) and Bruno Blin (Renault Trucks)East Midlands Renault Truck dealer, RH Commercial Vehicles (RHCV), recently welcomed VIP guests – Carlos Rodrigues, Managing Director of Renault Trucks UK and Ireland and Bruno Blin, President of Renault Trucks – for a tour of its new £3.5m site in Nottingham.

    This was the first time that Bruno, who was visiting from Renault Trucks’ headquarters in France, had visited any of the RHCV’s four East Midlands sites.

    RHCV’s Managing Director, Nigel Baxter and Commercial Director, Paul Pearson led the tour of the site. The duo met various members of RHCV’s team plus customers – Justin & Ashley Sherwood, Directors of Fred Sherwood Group, and John Matthews, Managing Director of Allegro Transport.

    Located just three miles from Junction 26 of the M1, the new site was developed over 12-months as part of RHCV’s strategy to boost accessibility and enhance the dealership’s presence along the M1 corridor. This new facility joins the dealership’s existing sites in Northampton, Leicester and Alfreton.

    Nigel Baxter, Managing Director of RH Commercial Vehicles, said: “It was a real privilege to welcome Carlos, Bruno and some of our customers to the new site.  Not only did they get to view the new and enhanced facilities, such as a new workshop, a brand-new ATF lane, paint booth and tacho-rolling bay, but they got to meet and chat with our hard-working employees who have been instrumental in the success of the operation over the last few years.”

    Carlos Rodrigues, Managing Director of Renault Trucks UK, said: “RHCV’s site opening marks a successful year for the team and it was great to see RHCV’s new site and the significant investment they have made. The new facility will be pivotal in helping RHCV support both current and new customers in the best possible way.”

    Bruno Blin, President of Renault Trucks added: “At Renault Trucks, it is always important that we strive to help our customers in any way we can, to ensure they reach success in their business and RHCV’s new site will be important in helping us to achieve that.”


  4. Wearable AR Tech Drives Future for Renault Trucks Technicians

    Renault truksRenault Trucks is rolling out its innovative remote mentoring solution, ‘Optiview’ in its workshops across the country. Equipping technicians with RealWear HMT-1 headsets will enable them to significantly speed up repairs and maintenance for its customers.

    The RealWear headset, used in conjunction with LibreStream Onsight Connect software, allows technicians to connect hands-free with Renault Trucks’ technical support for live assistance, as well as enabling them to capture images and videos, playback training videos and refer to manuals.

    Derek Leech, Service Market & Retail Development Director, says: “Optiview is an exciting step for Renault Trucks, marking a new era where wearable AR and voice command technology becomes the norm in our workshops and out in the field. The headset is the ideal wearable choice for technicians, giving them the support of the technical team right when they need it to speed up diagnosis and repair on complex issues. This technology will improve the efficiency of our dealer network and our customer service, resolving issues more swiftly.”

    The HMT-1 has a completely hands-free voice-controlled user interface allowing technicians to operate the tools and equipment needed for the job, whilst maintaining full situational awareness and maximum productivity. It is designed to offer hands-on technicians the ability to access a virtual 7-inch tablet that sits just below their line of sight.

    This technology used in Optiview, also offers future opportunities including remote warranty parts inspections, speeding up authorisation of warranty claims and payments.

    Derek Leech adds: “The possibilities to transform the way we work with this technology are far-reaching, from hands-free inspections and voice activated report writing, to creating live step by step instructions. The future starts here.”

  5. Renault Trucks Take Racing Line at Convoy in the Park

    592467_renaultthighsport_36-lrRenault Trucks returns to Donnington Park, 10 and 11th August, for Convoy in the Park 2019 presenting a show-stopping line-up with a racing theme.

    One of the top attractions to the Renault Trucks stand promises to be the Range T520 High Sport Limited Edition, striking in Sirius yellow paint – the iconic colour of the F1 Renault Sport Racing team – together with the black and check that forms the striking livery of all Renault Sports models.

    Visitors will have the opportunity to view the T High Sport 6×2 Pusher TML equipped with a flat floor cab and an outstanding combination of space, comfort and well-appointed working and living areas appealing to both drivers and operators alike.  Performance comes from Renault Trucks’ 13-litre DTi engine rated at 520hp which is coupled to an Optidriver 12-speed automated transmission system.  With only ten T High Sports being made available in right hand drive form, this is a rare chance to see this prestige model up close.

    Further enhancing the racing theme, MTHL Racing’s 11 litre Renault Premium race truck and driver Graham Powell will also be on the Renault Trucks stand.

    Sharing the limelight on stand is a special edition Renault Trucks T520 High, resplendent in ruby red paintwork to celebrate 40 years of the Renault Trucks brand in the UK.

    Additionally, East Midlands Renault Trucks dealer, RH Commercial Vehicles will be displaying some of its favourite customer vehicles on the stand. Alongside Jon Waddoups and W. Coy & Son’s T Highs there will be an 11-litre Range T 6×2 tractor unit with mini midlift, which offers significant payload advantages for cost-conscious operators and is ideal for aggregate or liquid applications with a factory-fitted PTO and tipping equipment.

    The Renault Trucks stand will also feature a Range C430 Tridem with PPG insulated aluminium aggregate body carefully configured to suit a wide cross-section of multi-axle tipper operations. For operators looking for the manoeuvrability of a six-wheeler with the load capacity of an eight-wheeler, the Range C Tridem with factory-fitted extra axle adaption provides an effective solution. The Range C Tridem is powered by Renault Trucks’ efficient DTi 11 litre engine which produces 424hp and 2050 Nm of torque. Behind this is a 12 speed Optidriver automated transmission system.

    Convoy in the Park is a great opportunity for Renault Trucks to continue the promotion of its #proudprofessionals campaign, which celebrates the valuable contribution made by everyone who works in the commercial vehicle industry.  Visitors are invited to join Renault Trucks at their stand and enter the exclusive #proudprofessionals competition to win official Renault Trucks ‘Drivers are Heroes’ merchandise.

    Making its debut at Convoy in the Park’s Used Trucks Village, Used Trucks by Renault Trucks is proud to be displaying two Range T460 6×2 tractor units which will also be available to purchase.

  6. Renault Trucks To Double Range T High Production

    RHCV1James Charnock, Commercial Trucks and Services Director, Renault Trucks, comments: “We are delighted by the response to the Range T High since its launch. We have a very strong order booked filled to the end of the year so this increase in production capacity will enable us to offer more T Highs to more customers in a shorter time.”

    He continues: “This truck offers the perfect work life balance, effortlessly meeting the needs of those who want a home-from-home working environment, a truck which offers a great image for their business yet still provides outstanding operational efficiency.”

    The T High has been welcomed by operators in the UK and Ireland, both by operators looking for a striking new vehicle for their fleets, and those who recognise that the T High’s features and comfort will help them to attract and retain the best drivers.

    James Charnock concludes: “Drivers love the generous working, living and sleeping environment, which helps to increase satisfaction and productivity. Enhanced residual values also underpin the T High’s excellent total cost of ownership performance, so it makes real commercial sense for long-haul operators.”


  7. Renault Trucks delivers a D Wide Z.E. to Lyon Metropole

    On Monday, 17 June 2019, Renault Trucks CEO Bruno Blin handed Thierry Philip, Lyon Metropole Vice President and head of environment, health and well-being in the city, the keys to a 100% electric refuse collection vehicle.

    Renault Trucks is assisting Lyon Metropole with its plans to diversify the energy of its fleet of refuse collection vehicles by providing this 26-tonne Range D Wide Z.E., the first of the second generation of Renault Trucks electric trucks.  Made in the manufacturer’s Blainville-Sur-Orne plant in Normandy, the vehicle will be put into service in Meyzieu within the Lyon metropolitan area, from June 2019.

    For Renault Trucks, electromobility is the answer to the problematic issue of air quality and noise pollution in urban areas and one of the answers to global CO2 emissions. Bruno Blin emphasised: “Electric mobility is at the core of the energy strategy we have implemented to meet EU regulations aimed at significantly reducing the CO2 emissions of vehicles over 16 tonnes.*” * -15% by 2025 and -30% by 2020.

    Refuse collection is an application for which electrical technology is particularly well suited.

    The operating cycles of refuse collection vehicles include a great deal of stopping and restarting (300 to 800 times for each collection round), resulting in high fuel consumption and significant dust and particle emissions linked to the rapid wear of the braking system.

    As electric vehicles mainly use their engines to slow down, use of brakes and the production of related emissions are both reduced. For a Euro VI truck, particulate emissions linked to abrasion (the wear of tyres and brakes) are higher than emissions linked to fuel use.

    The 26-tonne Renault Trucks D Wide Z.E. features an electric engine in the wheelbase, providing the interface between the truck and its equipment. The vehicle has been converted by Faun Environnement, who coupled a hydraulic pump to the standard interface in order to power the refuse collection system. Faun Environnement optimised both the bodywork and its mass to compensate for the weight of the batteries. The bodywork specialist also altered the hydraulic circuit to reduce noise levels and soundproofed the rear section to confine the noise created by falling waste to within the trailer. These changes have enabled noise levels to be reduced by 3 decibels.

    Developed with assistance from the French Environment & Energy Management Agency (ADEME), this Range D Wide Z.E. refuse collection truck is the first pre-production vehicle of the Renault Trucks range of electric trucks, which is due to be launched onto the market at the end of 2019.

  8. MD Carlos Rodrigues sets out clear vision for Renault Trucks

    Carlos Rodrigues

    With the arrival of the manufacturer’s latest generation of all-electric vehicles, Managing Director of Renault Trucks UK & Ireland, Carlos Rodrigues has set out the company’s clear and determined vision to be a driving force in the electromobility revolution.

    “For Renault Trucks, electromobility was the obvious response to urban air quality and noise issues, and we have been preparing for the shift to electric vehicles for over ten years,” says Carlos. “Then we were pioneers, now we are experts.”

    “We’re delighted to be delivering our first customer- specified Renault Trucks Master Z.E. this month – a 9-seat Minibus – with more orders due for delivery in the coming weeks and enquiries growing at a rapid pace. This promises to be a remarkable year for electromobility,” he continues.

    As well as the Master Z.E., enquiries are also increasing for the highly-anticipated Range D and Range D Wide Z.E. models, with the first UK customer vehicle scheduled for delivery in early 2020.

    Renault Trucks is at the forefront of the electromobility revolution and Carlos sees the company’s range of fully electric vehicles as a major attraction for operators seeking to improve their environmental performance.

    “Today we can offer a complete range of 100% electric vehicles, from 3.1 to 26 tonnes – cleaner, safer, more efficient vehicles with proven performance, ideally suited for use in the city,” he explains. “For tomorrow, we must continue to accelerate change, and to do this we must continue to work with operators, legislators and other stakeholders to ensure our vehicles remain fully compliant and competitive.”

    “As society’s environmental consciousness grows, so does the responsibility of the industry to harness new technologies to bring about change. Renault Trucks is doing this through the tailoring of vehicles to customers’ applications, developments in automation and connectivity, and increasing use of vehicle data to improve vehicle operation and customer service.”

    Carlos looks ahead to more change with confidence, “The switch to electromobility has started. Renault Trucks is in the driving seat as electric commercial vehicles change our urban landscapes. We’re ready for an electric future.”

  9. Renault Trucks Master Z.E. Wins Green Van of the Year

    The all-electric Renault Trucks M538874_master-ze---petit-forestier-platform-cabaster Z.E.has won Green Van of the Year 2019 at the inaugural Great BritishFleet Awards held on 24 January at the Novotel London West.

    Created to recognise innovation and talent in the fleet industry, and the products and services which support operators running safer, greener, more cost effective fleets, the awards were judged by Fleet World’s expert panel of editors.

    In presenting Renault Trucks with the Green Van of the Year award, judges praised the Master Z.E’s environmental credentials, and in particular noted the wide range of specialist vehicles in full electric Master Z.E. form, from chilled distribution to minibuses and a cherry picker, available in drive-away options from the manufacturer’s Ready for Business range.

    Kevin Gregory, Publishing Director, Fleet World Group, commented: “Renault is no stranger to the electric market. With Master Z.E. the company has done its own thing, opting for a 3.1-tonne van rather than relying on a rise in permitted weight to make the van a viable proposition. And when driving the van, you would hardly know that you are behind the wheel of an electric vehicle, making it easy for fleets to adopt.”

    Grahame Neagus, Head of LCV at Renault Trucks UK and Ireland, said: “It is a privilege to accept this award on behalf of Renault Trucks, which recognises the importance of electromobility in our sustainable urban transport strategy. The Renault Trucks Master Z.E. is the perfect solution for urban environments, and is not only ideally suited for ‘last-mile’ deliveries, but as the judging panel has also noted, with our pre-bodied Ready for Business range, we are also catering for other applications carrying out essential operations in our towns and cities.”

    The Renault Trucks Master Z.E. belongs to the new family of all-electric commercial vehicle solutions up to 26-tonnes GVW, which also features the Renault Trucks DZ.E and the Renault Trucks D Wide Z.E.

  10. Preparing for the Future: Renault Trucks Announces New £29.5m R&D Centre in Lyon

    Rrhcv2enault Trucks is building a brand new, eco-friendly Research & Development centre in St Priest, Lyon, France. The sustainable development, designed and constructed to the highest environmental standards, will extend over 11,300 sqm and is scheduled to open in the first half of 2021. This major project will further raise the reputation of the Lyon site, the Volvo Group’s second largest R&D centre.

    Part of an ambitious 5-year building programme launched by Renault Trucks and the Volvo Group to drive innovations, the new R&D centre will bring the company’s expertise under one roof; departments working together in a purpose-designed space to develop projects for Renault Trucks and other brands in the Group.

    Proximity, knowledge sharing, fluidity: the pillars of a more competitive organisation
    In order to create synergies, boost innovation, and ensure the success of the next Renault Trucks and Volvo Group product ranges, the new R&D centre will house more than 1,000 experts.

    From offices to open spaces and creative areas, the entire building has been designed to promote innovation and knowledge sharing. Following a completely new organisational approach, engineers and researchers will work alongside purchasing teams in the three-story building. This will facilitate collaboration between colleagues and teams, accelerating validation and realisation of development projects and innovations.